A word on PoHo coverage for 2016

Greetings, readers.

As you may have noticed, rsts11 has had limited content over the past year. Day Job(tm) has taken precedence, and while we’ve been creating content, it’s been for the Day Job.

On the one hand, we’ve managed to completely avoid conflicts of interest between rsts11 and the Day Job, but there’s a substantial backlog to come out over the upcoming months, as well as some new industry observations and technology updates.

There are also a couple of eBooks in the works that should be available by early summer. We’ll have one on big data and one on meeting hygiene, and possibly some more.

Feel free to follow me personally on @gallifreyan and the blog update feed at @rsts11 on Twitter, and subscribe to get the latest updates here. If there are topics I’ve mentioned through social media or at events that you’d like to read more about, feel free to make suggestions in the comments here.

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