Ready for Cisco Live? The Customer Appreciation Event band is…

Lenny picThe leading guesses for Cisco Live CAE band are:

1) A new group called 1023MB. They’ve never had a gig before.

2) T-Mobile CEO John Legere, with his new Macklemore cover band. Spoiler: Their encore number goes “Carrier my wayward son, we’ll have yours when 2014’s done” or something like that. They won’t play Free Bird. 

3) Lenny Kravitz joined by Imagine Dragons

If you guessed #2, I like the way you think. But if you guessed #3, you’re right.

Lenny Kravitz

Kravitz, also recognized by many as Cinna from the Hunger Games movies, will be bringing his award winning musical talents to the stage at AT&T Park in San Francisco on Wednesday, May 21. And only Cisco Live attendees can get in. (Social Pass or higher, Explorer Pass doesn’t count).

Check out his video for “Let Love Rule” at the bottom of this post for a refresher.

imagine dragonsImagine Dragons

Those of you who made it to VMworld last year may remember Imagine Dragons, who were on stage at that CAE, and who won a Grammy for “Radioactive.” They’ll be back in the City By The Bay to perform for Cisco Live attendees as well. Check out their performance of “Radioactive” on NBC’s Saturday Night Live at the bottom of this post.

I’m also hearing that there will be “Rock ‘n Roll Tricks” during the halftime show of the concert. I don’t know what that means, but I’m pretty sure it will be cool.

So there we have it. The biggest Cisco news of the year so far, bigger than UCS Invicta, bigger than UCS 2.2, bigger than the B460 M4 server. And you read it here.

So where do we go from here?

Are you signed up for Cisco Live yet? Check out the registration options here, including the $195 Social Event Pass which is the least costly way to get in to the World of Solutions, Keynotes, Receptions, and of course the Wednesday night Customer Appreciation Event.

If you’re going for one of the full size passes, early reg discount ends this Friday, March 14, Save up to $300 if you get your registration in now.

Still on the fence? Check out my original Cisco Live 2014 blog post, Jeff @fryguy_pa Fry’s preview post, my Scheduler and Keynote post (scheduler is open already!), and some other “blogs of interest” as curated by the Cisco Live Social Media team.

1 thought on “Ready for Cisco Live? The Customer Appreciation Event band is…

  1. Oh cool, the wife likes both Kravitz and Imagine Dragons. Should be a fun night. Now if we can only get a few Giants players to be hanging around their too…


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