Getting a workflow together for mobile blogging #rsts11

So I’m headed for my fourth Tech Field Day event, and so far I’ve generally been more about the “real-time blogging” by way of twitter. But this time around, I’m going to try to more timely persistent posts.

This will also be my first time going with a laptop that weighs less than a typical newborn. But even with that transition, from the Sony VAIO quadcore to a ASUS Zenbook Prime dualcore, I’m wanting to make use of one of my tablets.

So I’m trying out a few different options. Today I’m using my Nook HD+ (Barnes&Noble is seriously cutting the prices on their HD & HD+ tablets, so I got the HD+ 32GB and added a 64G MicroSDXC). After realizing that the cool new wireless keyboard I had wouldn’t work with the tablet (as it wasn’t Bluetooth), I I found my old Apple Wireless Keyboard.

A fresh set of batteries and a $2 BlueKeyboard Pro app later, I’ve got a mobile blogging system with the Android WordPress client.


Update: I wrote this Saturday night in front of the television, and apparently the button I interpreted as “save” as in “save draft” was actually “publish.” So I will be updating this entry over the next couple of days–it wasn’t really ready to go out, but we’ll deal.

2013-08-23: A further edit… once I got out to Tech Field Day 9, my keyboard didn’t want to work with the Nook HD+. As I update this, I’m getting ready to head for VMworld in a day or two, and I am going to try the iPad with Apple keyboard (and I’m updating on this combination right now… seems to work fairly well even in my lap except for the Marware keyboard protector I’m trying out.

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