Content Almost Everyday – December 2021

After slacking on blog posts during the year, and seeing my draft folder pass the number of 8 bit computers i own, I decided to take on the challenge of posting a blog post every day in December 2021.

I realized early on that was going to be overwhelming, so I made two modifications. First, I’d do a Flashback Friday sharing a classic post, and second, I would not force myself to post on weekends.

Over halfway through the month and I’m doing okay. Here’s the list so far, and it will be updated every few days in case you missed one.

Wednesday, December 1: Crowdfunding Hits, Misses, and Lessons Learned

Thursday, December 2: Splash Mountain Syndrome – It’s not what you think

Friday, December 3: Flashback: Warming up the HP Microserver Gen8 and PS1810-8G switch and Upgrading the HPE Microserver Gen 8 and putting it into service (flashback)

Monday, December 6: Rabbit Launch: Loading up the NUC cluster with a usable operating system

Tuesday, December 7: Quick Take: Is It Too Late To Get Into Crypto?

Wednesday, December 8: When POHO isn’t psycho enough – a home network update in progress

Thursday, December 9: It’s the most cable-tastic time of the year: Review some accounts you may be able to improve on

Friday, December 10: So you think you want to farm chia? and several other Chia posts from 2021 (flashback)

Monday, December 13: How not to embarrass yourself when writing about mining (or anything else)

Tuesday, December 14: Tying cloud provider orchestration, security, performance, and cost management together with Prosimo AXI at Cloud Field Day 12

Wednesday, December 15: Test-driving third party optics from StarTech in the RSTS11 labs (flashback)

Thursday, December 16: Cheat day

Friday, December 17 (belated): Titanic, Hindenberg, and My Management Mindset

Monday, December 20: Do you know where you left your (crypto) wallet? (LinkedIn article)