DON’T PANIC: The new era of Gallifrey One?

Since a number of my blog followers are Doctor Who fans who might be interested, I’m doing a rare cross-post from #gallyhelp.

The Secret Guide To #gally1 (formerly #gally)

tl;dr: Gallifrey One 2015 tickets are all sold out. Ticket transfers open in October, at face value. There is no shortage of hotel rooms. Gallifrey One will not be expanding. And what’s with the kidneys?


Today at 10am Pacific time, Gallifrey One sold 3200 tickets to the 2015 convention in seventy-five minutes.

Think about that, I’ll give you a moment.

DISCLAIMER: While you’re pondering, I’ll remind you that this is an unofficial site not affiliated with Gallifrey One, and I’m just a guy who’s been to six Gallifrey One conventions and likes to try to help folks who are attending or want to attend. 

That’s 7/10 of a ticket every second on average. Let’s round up. One ticket a second, for a show…

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