Looking forward to Cisco Live 2013 in Orlando!

Welcome to those of you coming here through the Cisco Live 2013 Twitter List.

It looks like I’ll be able to make it to Cisco Live this year.

If you’d asked me even ten years ago if  I’d ever be doing something like this, I would have asked if you’d gone off your meds. I was not a Cisco fan, partly because I worked in what became Nortel’s Ethernet switching division (the old Rapid City Communications group, which brought the Accelar/Passport 1000/8000 lines to market and pushed Cisco’s hand in bringing out Gigabit Ethernet).

(If we meet at CLUS, and if the rum is good, maybe I’ll tell you the Alidian story. Or not. Depends on who’s buying the rum.)

But I’m expanding my horizons, and I’ve spent over a year working in a UCS C-series (rackmount) environment, becoming sort of a subsistence expert on the platform (with lots of help from friends at Cisco of course). And I could see myself building on this experience in the future.

So I’m looking forward to my first big vendor event, meeting up with new and old friends, learning more about my new “home” platform and more about what’s around it as well.

It’ll be a busy June for me, as I’m headed for Austin to participate in Tech Field Day 9 the week before… and conveniently my company has a facility just outside Orlando that I’ll be able to bring the family to for a couple of days after Cisco Live.

Thanks for visiting… hope to see you in the comments, on Twitter, and at Cisco Live.

2 thoughts on “Looking forward to Cisco Live 2013 in Orlando!

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