SSD Accelerators for Windows – Your experience?

corsair_accel_30gbI’ve had a Corsair Accelerator 30GB SSD sitting on my desk for a month or two, since it was on reasonably absurd sale pricing at Fry’s. Similar to Corsair Nova Series 2 30GB but with the NVelo software license included.

Now that I’m rebuilding my main desktop at home, I may finally get around to installing it and seeing how it benefits me. I’m already running with 16GB DDR3 RAM (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit), but startup is kinda slow on single SATA drives.

If any of my readers have experience with this sort of accelerator, I’d like to hear about it. Specifically…

1. What’s the actual  benefit from an SSD accelerator, aside from having more data storage capacity (which is why I’m going from a 500gb spinning disk to a mirrored 1tb spinning disk behind it)? Maybe better put, how much do you notice the difference and when?

2. Have you tried different sizes of cache drive? What if I were to replace this 30gb with a 120gb OCZ or the like?

3. WTF? Amazon doesn’t sell this particular item, but a “Marketplace” seller on Newegg has one for $1999. Yes, just short of two thousand dollars. I’d sell mine, with unused license, for half that!
Thanks in advance for any thoughts you have to share.

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