Whoa, I did something interesting…

One of the greatest barriers to my blogging is that I have to find something I believe people will want to read about. I’ve set myself up to write about a couple of things, but decided they wouldn’t be as interesting after I poured them into a text box on the WordPress site. So you’ll see a few gaps in my timeline here, which is odd for someone who’s been accused of being “one of the bloggers.”

I’m working on some details on my recent data migration project, which I think will help a few people learn something through my efforts. Watch for the first installment this week.

I’m also planning to do some Fibre Channel SAN stuff in ways you don’t normally see on your VAR’s cut sheet.

And I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of the Andromedary Instinct store, hopefully with some store events to build on my eBay sales of the past year.

A lot of you keep coming back to look at my home lab post. I have actually rebuilt the NAS (went from FreeNAS 8.x to NexentaStor CE and then went to clearing off the living room coffee table for the holidays), and have not been doing as much with the ESXI 5.0 side of things either. But that should take off soon as well.

So stay tuned, I’ll try to get up to the point of a blog post a week, or at least one a month. I appreciate the comments and suggestions, and welcome your thoughts going forward.


[2013-06-28: Comments disabled since this page seems to be drawing the automated scourge of the earth. You can contact me through other pages or about.me/rnovak if you like.]