rsts11: Who makes your multi-hypervisor life easier?

BayLISAI’m working on a BayLISA (Silicon Valley, California) meeting in May that revolves around multi-hypervisor technologies. Pretty much anything that makes a virtualization life easier on the admin, and that works with (or will soon work with) non-VMware hypervisors/platforms (as well as VMware, nothing against them of course).

Do any of my readers or linkees have any suggestions?

We’d prefer a company who has a technical presence in Silicon Valley, or would be likely to be here frequently… and as I mentioned, I have nothing against VMware but would like to extend the scope. I’ve heard a lot more about XenServer/XenSource deployments in the past six months than at any time since I deployed XenServer 5.x at that real estate startup in San Francisco 4 years or so ago.

I should note (since my survey on Meetup about this produced odd results) that I know the other hypervisors… so unless HyperV actually manages Xen or VMware or kvm or Oracle’s stuff too, it doesn’t really count as a multi-hypervisor technology, even though it’s a hypervisor.

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