Robert Novak and the Andromedary Instinct – Auction Benefit Initiative

I’ve had this project in mind for a while, but finally got around to putting it down in writing. The idea is to make a charitable contribution based on a percentage of all of my eBay and other marketplace sales, and wherever possible have those contributions matched by my employer.

For 2018, the goal is to donate 10% of total sales to charities of my choice. These charities may include, but are not limited to (or guaranteed to include), Charity:Water, Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara County, the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, and others of particular meaning to the family and friends of Andromedary Instinct and Robert Novak.

For example, if sales reach $10,000 this year, that would mean I donate $1,000 to the charities I choose, and have them matched at work, resulting in $2,000 in funds for the charities themselves.

Donations will be based on the final sale amount; free shipping items include the shipping costs, but items with an additional shipping/insurance/handling cost will be calculated based on the sale price not including shipping charges.

Some sales may be designated special sales, with up to 50% of the final sale price donated and (hopefully) matched. Some limited edition items may fall into this category later, and fees and expenses would come out of my half (so a $100 sale would mean $50 to the charity, plus match, and $50 to me, minus ebay and paypal fees and other expenses) .

Buyers of these auctions and sale items won’t be able to choose the charity, and as I am not a charity myself, no part of the sale price is likely to be tax-deductible to buyers. If the charities do not confirm the donation to the foundation providing the matches to receive the match, I cannot take responsibility for that, although I may adjust future giving to ensure the best results.

Please also note that neither the charities I donate to, nor the foundation matching the donations, endorse, approve, or even necessarily know about this initiative.

I will round up to the nearest hundred dollars, and will post donation amounts and recipients (and match status) here beginning December 1 if not sooner.


Last updated 2018-01-04